Matcha valkosuklaa, 85g


Matcha valkosuklaa

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Matcha valkosuklaa

Nettopaino: 85 g


Matcha Tzuki tee (1,88%), sokeri, täysmaitojauhe, kaakaovoi, emulgointiaine: soijalesitiini, vanilja.



A Café Tasse collection which comes true to its name: Premium. A selection of exceptional varieties such as Matcha, Rooibos or select Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee with incomparable taste. Each variety is a work of art.

An innovative “green” variety made from white Belgian chocolate and exclusive Asian Matcha, finely ground green tea.

Nutritional values per 100 g

Energy in kj 2 273 KJ
Energy in kcal 545 KCAL
Total fat 32,8 G
Saturated fat 20,2 G
Total carbohydrates 55,9 G
Sugars 55,9 G
Protein 6,5 G
Salt 0,20 G